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Waldorf Music

sound corner

Welcome to the Waldorf Soundcorner!

This new unique service organises the sounds for our products in a flexible database. Therefore, you can search for sounds in a quickly and uncomplicated way, and, of course, listen to demo mp3s and download them - all for nothing.

This is how the Soundcorner works:

  • Register as a user! After that, you'll be able to access all functions of the Waldorf Soundcorner. Without registration, you can search for sounds and listen to them, but you cannot download. Downloads are possible after registration only.
  • Click on the link below to get to the device selection page.
  • Choose the Waldorf product, you are looking for sounds for.
  • On the main page, you can search for sound name, category, author or style. Click on the speaker symbol to listen to the mp3 demo (192kBit/s) of that sound. Click the download button to get the sound data as standard midi file. Please check the users manual of your device for instructions on how to import the sound.
  • You can always limit the search to certain criteria by using the pulldown menus on the right hand of the page.

If you want to share your own sounds with other users, please send the midi dumps along with your full name and device information to sounds@waldorfmusic.de.

[ Click here to enter the Soundcorner ]


11/02/2003 Chor 3.0 Wolfram Franke, Atmospheres (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Chroma Crasher AdamT, Arpeggiator (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Cicada Atmospheres (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Classy Cornet Poly Lead (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Click Chords Arpeggiator (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Clocks&Bells Rocco Zodiac, Poly Lead (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Comb Tree Arpeggiator (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Concert Intro Boele Gerkes, Poly Lead (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Core Rhythm Joerg Huettner, Arpeggiator (Q+, Q) Demo
11/02/2003 Deepest Ocean Atmospheres (Q+, Q) Demo

Warning! Under Construction!

There are more than 3000 Sounds for Waldorf products at the moment. So, you'll not be able to find all sounds in the Soundcorner yet. We are working continuously to extend the database more and more.